Thursday, 23 July 2015

Graeme White of Canbet - Gaming Professional

Graeme White of Canbet is someone who has been well-seasoned in the gaming industry. With over 35 years of experience with gaming entities in the United States and Caribbean Islands as well as parts of Australia and Asia. His work has gained him multiple accolades such as the Sheraton Hotels President’s Award in 1992.

His work in the gaming business has provided many hotel owners and industry professionals with effective solutions and decisions that have led to the development and improvement of gaming entities that have stood the test of time, thanks to the expertise of Graeme White of Canbet

The seasoned expert gained much of his knowledge and fascination towards gaming from a lifelong passion for sports. Even in his childhood years, Graeme White of Canbet had an affinity for spectator sports, and familiarized himself with the rules, teams and players in professional cricket, rugby, Aussie football, baseball, basketball and horse racing. 

With this close following of professional sports, Graeme White learned to follow statistics and developments in sports analysis and news. With all of these elements combined, he gained a skill for forecasting the outcome of games with a meticulous methodology that broke all the factors down to the performance attributes of each player on the field as well as elements such as home field advantage, weather and others. 

His keen sense of prediction only sharpened throughout the years, and eventually transformed into something that he could shape a professional career out of. Now as a leading professional in his industry, he reflects the qualities of someone who has invested their life into their field.