Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Reasons to Watch Tennis as Reported by Canbet's Graeme White

In general, says Graeme White of Canbet, people seem to consider playing tennis to more interesting than just watching it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Tennis has a lot to offer as a spectator sport as well. Here are three reasons to consider turning the channel to this famous sport the next time a match is on.
The Acrobatics. Many people see the game as just hitting a ball back and forth over a net, but the players bring real excitement to watching the game. Graeme White of Canbet likes to watch all the jumps, twists, reaches, and runs they execute to hit the ball back at their opponent. Some players are even known for the amusing grunts or shouts they make when they hit the ball.

It's Co-ed. Tennis is one of the few sports where players of both genders can play with and against each other in what is known as mixed doubles. This is great for Graeme White of Canbet because it truly proves that women can play just as hard as men. 

It's Fast-paced. Once Graeme White of Canbet starts watching a match, he's absolutely hooked because of the excitement of how quickly players dart around the court and how rapidly everything progresses. Unlike other sports, tennis doesn't have a lot of downtime for rulings or plays; the players match skills and see who wins.

For these reasons and more, Graeme White of Canbet is sure everyone will be an instant fan of tennis.